Rob Bell and Billy Graham – What’s the Difference? Please Help a New Christian to Understand


They aren’t twins but Billy Graham and Rob Bell both believe that Muslims and Buddhists, people who have never heard of Jesus, Hindus and, you name it, are all going to heaven. Graham believes that all peoples, ‘if they lived a sincere life” will go to heaven.

Rob Bell has been challenging the traditional understanding of heaven and hell and Christians gasp. Billy Graham says very similar things and we all fall down in worship. What am I missing?

In Newsweek Magazine, Graham talked about God’s love for everybody, no matter the background or religion and that they are all going to heaven if they are sincere. In an interview with Charlotte Observer, Bell said that Billy Graham helped shape his beliefs. Well, sure. That would make sense that Bell was influenced by Graham.

Why is one guy blasted as a heretic and the other a saint of sorts? They are essentially saying the same things. They are both, also, very wealthy. I just threw that true fact commonality in because – what the heck?

I’m new at this. I’m four years old. But some of this, I just don’t get it.

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