Eleonora Rose Came and Brought a Billion New Hearts

Dear Eleonora Rose,

I’m your Gigi. You were brought here on May 9, 2022. On the day you were born, I arose from sleep to a photo of you and your mom. You arrived while we were all fast asleep.

Waking up to that snapshot broke open a billion hearts and they were floating all around me and they have remained. Your sister, Maka stayed the night with Papa and me and, so, the hardest part was not being able to share the praise report of your birth with the one who was so excited about your coming.

But, your mom and dad wanted to be the first to tell Maka. I understood that! Only, it was so hard to not share something, namely, you, with your sister.

We learned that your middle name is Rose later that day. It’s a strong and beautiful family name. You just turned five months at this writing and, most assuredly, you are beautiful and you are strong!

You have been anxious to walk for some time already. You lift onto your mighty little legs as if you’re a one year old. You smile and melt all of our hearts. You laugh when I lift your leg to your chin or Maka acts silly. You adore your mama a lot (a lot) and get little lights on in your eyes when she approaches. Your dad lifts you above his head so you can fly and it’s one of your favorite things. Your dog, Sonic, thinks she’s your nanny. When she licks your face, you delight and she often sleeps right above your head when you fall asleep on Papa Gigi’s couch.

You like “up” most. We know you prefer to be held upright. If you’re lying down, you prefer for us to sit you up and, as I said, you love to be on your feet.

I’m so grateful for you in this world, Eleonora Rose. You’re exactly right. You’re precious and precisely perfect in this time and place. I love you, Dearest Girl.

Love, Gigi

Motherless Mother Eve

A lot of people blame their mom’s for things. Whoever you are, you’ve likely done this. If you have not (out loud, at least) you have a friend or a sister or a cousin that talks a little or a lot about mom in this manner.

The original mother, Eve, the only motherless mother, couldn’t blame her reckless choice on her mom.

Of course, we, her descendants, blame Mother Eve for everything. And that’s okay. She did the wrong thing and the trajectory for all of us has been really horrible. If only….

But, she did. And here we go on. The choices we make effect our children. Ancient history tells us it’s true. Current days tell the same story.

My approach has been consistent with my own mom and with Mother Eve and I believe it’s allowed me more joy, less distress.

I’ve learned to take the teachable lessons from both women as gifts. The attributes of my mom, I try to flourish further and avoid the characteristic areas I viewed as lacking.

From Eve the lesson is big and I can’t live to give Glory to God if it’s overlooked and ignored. And, it’s so simple and clear. Eve was deceived. “Hath God really said……?” she knew God really said what He said.

Yet, Eve could forget it all in the midst of a false guide, a deceiver. This Mother’s Day let us remind ourselves that if God really said something, He really did say something and no one should have any power to convince you otherwise. Be equipped in the Word.