Know Why You Knock

The Lord directs us to keep on asking. Keep on seeking and we will find.  Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened. Why did He say that? Why did He make that promise of God?

Directly before Jesus said these words (Matthew 7:7), in Matthew 7:6, He said, “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls then turn and attack you.” Of course, the logical question would follow, how can we distinguish who not to tell?

That’s why it is comforting that Jesus then says, in the very next sentence, that God will give us the wisdom. Ask. Keep on asking…for the wisdom. Persevere in your pursuit to know God. Continue to ask Him for knowledge, patience, wisdom, understanding and love and He will give them to you.

In the entirety of our walk in light, we need wisdom and knowledge of God. I speak specifically now, though, of our need to discern. We have been instructed to make disciples and toward that aim, we need wisdom. There are people, you need to know, that will forever reject the Word. Indeed, there are those with whom we are directed to not share the treasures of salvation. They may even ask you questions but only with the intent of tearing you into pieces. Their minds are convinced and their ears are closed.

Jesus chose not to respond with any words to Herod (Luke 23:9). Amen.

Next, Jesus speaks of the practical. He speaks of bread and how, if your own child asked you for bread, you would not give that son or daughter a stone instead. If you ask your Father for bread, you will likely get the bread and more when you seek Him and continue asking.

Many have taken this to mean that we can ask God for anything. Do you want the high rise across the avenue? Claim it. God will deliver. Well, no, sorry Joel Olsteen and Joyce Meyer. This promise was given to disciples. We are disciples. But, what makes a disciple? Jesus tells us that a disciple follows Him, takes up the cross, gives up self and walks in His light. Once a person does that, it’s amazing how prayers change.

When you move from one kingdom to another, you are not praying any longer to fulfill your carnal and temporal desires. Become an authentic disciple and your needs will not be the same as when you were not a follower. And, they will be different than the needs of the slickest prosperity gospel preachers with their mansions, jets and insane wealth. The televangelists and new divinistas don’t resemble the original disciples. They do disguise themselves as angels of light, that’s all. Trapping souls by knowing a lot of the studied doctrine and how to twist some of the key elements is their skill. Not divine skill. Just skill.

So knock, but know why you are knocking.

3 thoughts on “Know Why You Knock

  1. I agree with you that “keep on knocking” is not a Get What You Want directive. In Luke 11, I read it to tell us how much the Father wants to give us the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.

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