It’s All in the Book

It was pride that caused the pre-cosmic fall that landed a demon in the Garden and resulted in the devastation of God’s perfect design for us. That is, it disrupted the perfect design while we reside here.

We know how the story will end. God wins. But, alas, for now, we share space with evil. A lot of people are mad at God or simply don’t believe in God because of the evil factor.
I’m not mad. God formed us with minds. We were given the capability to think. Along with that gift, we were created to choose. The son of the morning, Lucifer, because of his great beauty, corrupted his wisdom because of his splendor. He was given free will, just as we are given free will, and his pride developed into a fat boulder. And he fell. To earth. With us.

Now we contend with the opposing force. Every day. If you haven’t noticed the energy you can’t see, you’re alone. The fallout of the fall keeps us yearning for home, the haven from whence we came. Yet, for now, while here, we live right alongside the ever-present influence and impact of malevolence.

The revelation, His words in writing, provided to us, as a gift, by God, illumes the way for us to settle in peace through this time here, where we experience loss, pain, struggle, illness, temptation and strife. A life everlasting where suffering will not exist anymore is the future, too. That’s a gift I have chosen to not reject. It’s all in the Book.



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