Teach Us To Number Our Days

The Covid-19 pandemic naturally causes us to consider the needs of our beloved and struggle with fear about their health. Just as much as that being a part of our process, we’ve all likely contemplated the “worst thing” on behalf of ourselves during the current pandemic. This frail human is no exception. I have done so. In facing the personal fear on behalf of myself, it would be to die alone. No one desires to go to the very saddest outcome. No human yearns to suffer. But, are we willing to suffer? Well, that’s different.

Who can be looked upon as a model for us at this time? I look to Jesus. We are asked to be imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1). This means striving to do as He would do. He died after suffering an agonizing torture. Jesus did this willingly to provide forgiveness for our sins and access to God. His immense physical anguish on the cross was entangled with His sinless body, ravaged by bearing the sins of the world. For my eternal placement, I rejoice in gratitude. And, as I look to our Lord, I know that He beseeched, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42).

How then, in my place, at this time, can I face my deepest “for myself” fear on behalf of myself? I think about what Jesus did for me. The very worst possible outcome for me obviously pales in comparison to that which Jesus borne for me. I ask for mercy from God, if it be His will. If I must endure the conclusion of this pandemic in the harshest way, I must do it for the glory of God. With the words of Psalm 90:12 in heart, “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

We get busy with our lives. We know that the death rate is 100 per cent without a pandemic. Yet, many of us don’t slow down and reflect upon this. Some of us want to evade the fact. God never intended for us to die or to lose love in His original design. We’re not wired for it. We don’t like the notion. Now, here the psalmist does reflect on time. He is asking God to help teach us how to face death. We need a teacher, and the only teacher who can remind us of this is God.

I may live many more years or my last days, indeed, could be imminent. The Covid-19 rampage is on the loose. This flood of death shakes one to count her days.  If I must be taken, I know, as His child, I am to be wise right now, for His glory. For that reason, each day that I awake, I say, “God thank you for this day. Please, Lord, may I live it for your glory.” Thankfully, I have a book; the Bible, and in it I have instructions on what He loves and I can give Him my hours as He allows, working for His glory.

Today’s prayer: May all who are loved by God come to know that love.

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