Happy Father’s Day To My Husband

When I was a young woman, I heard a well known psychologist on the radio say that when a woman considers marriage she should contemplate whether or not her future husband will be a good dad. That made sense to me and so I did examine your attributes, in that regard.
The decision to marry you because I loved you wasn’t a stand alone reason. You have proven your devotional love for me for over thirty five years with unceasing loyalty. I have been the recipient of care and dedication to my needs and joys. But, the grateful heart lies also and equally in your steadfast commitment to our children.
You have worked tirelessly all of your life to ensure the well being of your family. The pressure has been off of us while you have taken the helm of responsibility for each one of us.
You are the unsung hero when we shine; the behind the scenes contributor of love and support that requests no glory. For all you do for our lives in motion, I wish you the happiest Fathers Day, Dearest Brian.

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